Sustainability Now

Sustainability is a foundational value for Croxton Collaborative and an on-going, shared process that informs each of its award-winning project priorities, objectives, and initiatives. Continually optimizing environmental opportunities far beyond the adequate, the firm introduced “48 Metricsfor sustainable design in 1994, five years before LEED 1.0 was introduced, and worked closely with the Natural Resources Defense Council for more than thirty years.

Our Sustainability Signatures

  • Design Excellence: a human-centered approach and environmental focus that enhances quality of life and conserves natural resources

  • Site Savvy: full comprehension of the site’s built and the natural assets that delivers practical, measurably superior buildings and related systems

  • High-Performance Design: deep alignment with natural systems including sustainability, conservation, productivity, and maintainability approaching net zero

  • Project Impact Awareness: up-stream - building systems, materials selection; down-stream - construction process; occupancy, maintenance and operation of the building

  • Interior Integrity: airy day-lit spaces that deliver a sense of time of day; optimum air quality, low toxicity, and a comfortable working environment

  • Consistent Progress: seeking, developing, and authoring the best of the new and the next in sustainable architectural technologies and implementation