Selected Projects

Old Whalers Church | Sag Harbor, New York

Built in 1844, by New York architect Minard LaFever, Old Whaler’s Church is one of the most important historical buildings in the community. Thought of as one of LaFever’s major works in the Egyptian Revival style, when viewed as a whole the building is more in keeping with the architect’s reputation for embracing the eclectic; the interior details are Greek Revival and the original steeple, which was detroyed in a hurricane in 1938, was, according to Jacob Landy, of the “ English baroque type developed by Christopher Wren in his London city church.” During Croxton Collaborative Architects' long standing relationship with the church, we authored the Historic Structures Report which led to National Landmark Designation in 1994, developed Master Plan of Restoration, successfully achieved a sequence of four major grants/renovations concluding this past year with the full restoration of the Main Sanctuary windows.