Selected Projects

Forensic Science Center | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2007 Greater Philadelphia Sustainability Award – Pennsylvania Environmental Council
2006 Committee On The Environment ‘Top Ten’ - AIA National

Located in an under-served neighborhood of north Philadelphia with higher crime rates, the new Forensic Science Center has helped to breathe new life and a better sense of security to an entire neighborhood. Converted from a formerly distinguished, but recently derelict 1929 Art Deco school building, the new Forensic Science Center has transformed both the site and the building to a new life. Some of the buildings many sustainable features include: precise mapping of areas requiring 100% outside air to minimize HVAC loads, envelope upgrades resulting in super-insulated building, “clean” products and finishes resulting in vastly improved indoor air quality, deep daylighting achieved by ceiling configurations, and primary access to all mechanical and infrastructure systems outside of lab areas. For a budget roughly 33% less than comparable buildings of this type, the project achieves the following improvements over a code-compliant building that would meet the fundamental program requirements:

  • 72% reduction in total annual source energy
  • 69% reduction in 25-year CO2 Emissions (Global Warming)
  • 65% SO2 + NOx 25-year Emission reductions (Acid Rain) (Ozone-Smog)
  • 61% reduction in annual peak electrical demand
  • Cumulative payback of strategies = 2.2 years