Selected Projects

Avon Street Condominiums | Morristown, NJ

Designed to be the first LEED™ Platinum residential building in America, 201 Avon provides 98 condominium units, a Health and Wellness Center and parking for 100 cars. Located within walking distance of Charlottesville’s “100% location,” the tree-lined historic district/ downtown mall, this will be an exemplar of urban center sustainable development and the fi rst project under the City’s new “DE” or Downtown Extended Zoning. Preliminary Site Plan, upgraded density allowance (200 DUA) and initial approval by the Board of Architectural Review (with stipulations) have been granted as of December 2006.

The project is organized as nine floors plus a basement and two levels of parking. A number of unusual edge conditions on the surrounding street boundaries have been addressed in the preliminary Site Plan. The intent has been to establish a consistent relationship with the surrounding context and to provide a safe and consistent pedestrian domain. Pedestrian access to the Ninth Street Bridge and the (currently under construction) pedestrian walkway into the Amphitheater/Transit Center/Mall provides a key “connector” to Downtown and immediately suggests the potentials for greater connectivity to the Belmont and Ridge Street Neighborhoods.

Currently there is an existing (but discontinuous) “greenway” along the south side of the railway tracks. This band of trees and low shrubs could be linked up to form a “green” walkway/park connecting the underpass at Fourth Street to the overpass at Ninth Street and enriching the concept of “Downtown Extended.”