Selected Projects

Manhattan Apartment | New York, NY

The Owners of this upscale condominium had an agenda for their New York residence: to create a 2,400 square foot aerie, perched high above the city skyline with spectacular views to the East and West, this most personal of spaces they would come to call home that would offer the most elusive of luxuries – the maximum living / breathing quality of a healthy environment, achieved through high performance, sustainable design.

To accomplish this goal, optimum sustainable construction methods, and the use of the lowest impact, environmentally benign materials and finishes would be employed, as well as strategies designed to maximize daylighting, and the use of energy efficient products and appliances.

Croxton Collaborative Architects, with the owner’s encouragement and participation, carried out the mission to an exacting degree, from the substitution of the non-sustainable, sponsor pre-designed ‘package’, to the last organic cotton napkin chosen for the installation and furnishing.