Selected Projects

U.S Environmental Protection Agency | Headquarters

The Environmental Protection Agency's National Headquarters Project encompasses the design of the Agency's 2.4 million square foot complex in Washington, D.C.'s historic Federal Triangle District. Located on Pennsylvania Avenue, midway between the White House and the U. S. Capitol, EPA's new National Headquarters, visible to all, is the nation's first significant federal office development to apply sustainable design principles.

EPA's National Headquarters Project has established a precedent and set a benchmark in achieving sustainable design for federal, public and private sector projects. It accomplished EPA's mission objectives within the constraints imposed by design and construction within the federal government, demonstrating that sustainability is technically and economically feasible using currently available technology, materials and systems. The result is the first significant federal office project where provisions for good indoor air quality, alternative lighting approaches, and issues of sustainability are addressed as part of the fundamental design process. The strategies and techniques utilized are currently being employed in federal projects throughout these five EPA buildings and have provided a national model of readily feasible sustainable design.