Selected Projects

World Trade Center | Assets & Opportunites Report

The Assets and Opportunities Report for the Downtown Transportation Terminal and Concourse provided a basis for subsequent sustainable design development and the Sustainable Design Guidelines for the World Trade Center. Natural site assets including local geography, geology, soils, hydrology, vegetation, wildlife, climate and solar orientation/insulation were detailed, as well as, built site assets. Environmental challenges were explored and this analysis then informed the development of a list of opportunities for high performance building design.

The Report included descriptions for the on-site processing of wastewater, food waste and low grade paper into bio-fuel, compost and clean water. The biofuel would then be utilized on site by a cogeneration plant to power mission-critical systems and reduce dependence on the city's electric grid. Also explored were opportunities for below grade daylighting, supporting green infrastructure, improved energy efficiency, air quality and environmental comfort, transition plans to full renewable energy, stormwater use, material re-use, construction waste management and operating and maintenance protocols.