Selected Projects

Wooster Hall | SUNY New Paltz, NY

2017 Excelsior Merit Award for Public Architecture - AIA New York State

"There are exciting and transformative projects that come around only once or twice in someone’s career and this is one of those projects...I appreciate all of our projects on campus, but this one a little more so due to its complexity, overall architectural statement and how it will transform many aspects of campus life.” - John Shupe, Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management

Croxton Collaborative Architects has transformed a 75,000 sf obsolete 1968 ‘Brutalist’ concrete structure into a high-performing and state-of-the-art Multi-purpose Academic Facility at the heart of SUNY New Paltz campus. This critical maintenance project has been awarded on-budget and has completed construction.

Creative re-programming resulted in accommodation of an expanded Food Service facility and a complete Student Service program within the same building envelope; and achieved a 26% savings in the net programmatic space for Student Service Components through the use of shared facilities. Relocation and consolidation of services within this building achieved Food Service Facility and Student Services on the Ground Level and Student Lounge, Café, and Teaching/Faculty spaces for the Departments of Psychology, Anthropology and Engineering on the upper two levels.

The Wooster building rehabilitation is resourceful, responsive, humanistic, and sustainable. Pragmatic, straight-forward and on budget, it achieves 8 major milestones:

  • A continuous, high-performance building envelope and MEP systems
  • Enhanced flexibility, connectivity and continuity of the three major floor elevations
  • Connection of the two Academic Quads at two grade levels
  • Integration of Campus circulation paths with new student spaces, inside and out
  • Integration of Food Service Facilities into the Campus circulation
  • Elimination of all regulatory (ADA, building and energy code, etc) functional deficiencies

New York State high-performance energy efficiency financial incentives (awarded); and LEED Gold rating.